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STARPOOL is a brand developed by Manufacturas Gre, European leader in the manufacture and marketing of above-ground pools, whose objective is to offer a wide range of buried, half-buried and above-ground pools of first quality, at very competitive prices.

Our experience of more than 50 years in the swimming pool sector, guarantees this brand, conceived to give answers to the most demanding customers.

has been devised for its distribution through the specialist and professional channel as a competitive and highly exceptional alternative to the existing products in the market, at the moment.

Thanks to STARPOOL, you will see fulfilled your dream of having the perfect swimming pool at a very affordable price, with the added advantage of an easy, comfortable and clean installation, in less time than you imagine.

With STARPOOL you will enjoy the most advanced equipment and the most modern image …. illumination, filtering, accessories ….

Enter in the STARPOOL world and you will be surprised….


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